Yahoo CEO courts Twitter's head of international markets

We talked more than a few times about the new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Mayer is working hard to turn the fortunes of Yahoo around before the Internet stalwart goes extinct. Reports are surfacing that Mayer has been trying to recruit a new employee from the ranks at twitter. Specifically, Mayer has reportedly been trying to lure Katie Jacobs Stanton, twitter's head of international markets, to Yahoo.

It's unclear what specific job Mayer wants Stanton to take, but sources claim it would be a major job on the media side of Yahoo. AllThingsD reports that Mayer and Stanton have worked together before at Google. Interestingly, Stanton was once Mayer's boss when Stanton acted as the product management leader for the launch of Google Finance.

Stanton was also a driving force in the creation of Yahoo Finance when she worked there between 1999 and 2002. While it's unclear what specific job that Stanton is being wooed for, one source has told AllThingsD that the job could involve running Yahoo's homepage. Another source said that the job Mayer has in mind for Stanton could be an even larger role than managing the Yahoo homepage.

No one would be surprised if Mayer started replacing some of Yahoo's executives with her own choices. With former interim CEO Ross Levinsohn leaving the company recently, some speculation is that executive Mickie Rosen, who was appointed by Levinsohn as SVP of media and commerce, could possibly be replaced with Stanton.

[via AllThingsD]