Yahoo acquires GoPollGo and MileWise, shuts them both down

Just several days after Yahoo acquired popular to-do app Astrid (shutting it down while they were at it), they acquired two more companies, both of which have now been immediately shut down by Marissa Mayer and company. Polling service GoPollGo and flight awards app MileWise have both been bought and shuttered by Yahoo.

Both websites of GoPollGo and MileWise have been updated to reflect the acquisition, and it seems that both teams will be joining Yahoo. The reason for the acquisitions, nor the financial agreements have been disclosed, but Yahoo is most likely continuing its progress of becoming a more mobile-focused company.

It's also said what these new team members will be working on, but it's more than likely that MileWise employees will be working on projects that are travel related for Yahoo, possibly in order to bolster the company's travel deals cred. As for GoPollGo team members, it's always possible that Yahoo could be looking to build a polling service of their own.

That makes three companies in just a matter of days that Yahoo has bought and immediately shut down. It's definitely a sign from Yahoo letting people know that they mean business, but users who have been using these smaller services and apps probably aren't the happiest of folks right about now.

[via The Next Web]