Xtraordinary Adventures taking reservations for LYNX suborbital space ride

I am betting that a common geek theme among many of us out there is that we wanted to be astronauts when we were little. We may be too old for the space program now, but thanks to companies like Xtraordinary Adventures, you can still take that suborbital space flight, assuming you are loaded.

The company will take you on a suborbital flight in their awkward looking LYNX reusable space ship. Each ride will cost you $95,000, which is a bargain compared to the other space flight companies out there. Virgin Galactic will charge $200,000 and Space Adventures wants $102,000 for its flight.

The LYNX is piloted by Col. Rick Searfoss and will reach speeds of Mach 3.5+. If you want to book your flight, set to start in 2012, you need to cough up a $20,000 deposit. Your $95,000 fee includes a four-day training session and a two-day brief before the flight.