Xperia Play PS1 Emulator Hacked For Custom ISOs

If you have one of the Sony Xperia Play Android smartphones and a love of old school retro gaming with your favorite PS1 titles, this is your story. Apparently, a geek over on XDA called yifanlu has reverse engineered the PS1 emulator on the smartphone and hacked it to play custom game ISOs. The hacker apparently worked for a full week to create the hack.

The proof of success comes by way of a video showing the PS1 title Crash Bandicoot 3 running on the device. According to the developer, the game is nearly 100% functional. The only things that are not functional are the instruction manual and multi-disc games won't work.

Yifanlu notes that work is still left to be done. The next step is to create a GUI for converting ISO to APK. The time frame is expected to be "no more than a day on that." Once that is complete, you can get the hack for yourself and start playing your own custom ISOs. Check out the video below to see Crash in action.

[via Android Community]