XOOM 2/Droid Xyboard could hit AT&T with modem unlock

A very interesting little secret has been discovered about the new Motorola Xoom 2 tablets that have started to be detailed. We know the Xoom 2 will hit the Verizon Wireless network as the Droid Xyboard and it will pack in full LTE capability. We are finding out now that the tablets actually support other network types too, but Verizon is locking that support down reports Wireless Goodness.

The modems inside the Xyboard tablets have the capability to operate on GSM/WCDMA networks as well, but Verizon is locking that feature on the Xyboard. The network support would mean that the tablets could also operate on AT&T or T-Mobile networks if the modem is unlocked. I wonder if a hack will be able to unlock the modem. It would be nice once the contract is up to be able to take your tablet to another network.

The support for GSM/WCDMA has been found in the 10.1-inch and 8.2-inch tablets. The disabling of the modem was done by firmware apparently. The tablets are set to be launched on Verizon soon with a vague "early December" launch date pegged. I'd bet hackers have that modem unlocked in short order once the tablet his stores.

[via Android Community]