XOO Belt hides flexible batteries, charges your phone

Carrying around a portable battery is convenient in the sense that it gives you an opportunity to charge your phone whenever you need to. On the flip side, however, unless you're already carrying a bag with you, toting around a battery can be an extra burden of its own, making wearable charging units more attractive. We've seen some variations of these, such as Microsoft's wireless charging pants, but the XOO Belt takes it a step further, incorating a battery into something you like already wear daily.

The XOO Belt bids itself as a "simple solution to an everyday problem," offering users — or perhaps better put, wearers — an integrated 2100mAh charge capacity and cable to juice up their gadgets while on the go. That cable is flat and attaches to the inside of the belt using magnets.

The belt itself features six flexible batteries offering 1300mAh of charge, while the buckle itself also features a couple batteries tossing another 800mAh into the mix. There are two charging ports on the buckle, which itself is made from polished zinc. The design is made to resemble a regular belt — stylish and subtle — so there needn't be concerns about looking foolish wearing the device.

XOO Belt is being funded through Indiegogo, where the makers are nearing their $50,000 goal with about $30,000 in pledges. You'll need to pledge at least $155 USD to get the belt, buckle, and the USB cable — when it retails, the device will be about $45 more. Shipping is estimated for July 2015.

SOURCE: Indiegogo