Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 durability test results are reassuring

Chinese manufacturers may have gone overboard in trying to remove both bezels and notch. Vivo and OPPO put motors to lift and pull cameras from the top while Honor and Xiaomi have brought back the age of sliders. But with these new or old solutions also come the potential for less durable construction. Fortunately, we have JerryRigEverything to put the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 slider through the wringer so we won't have to, accidentally or otherwise.

Almost all phones these days, especially high-end ones, are covered in glass on both sides. Be it Corning Gorilla Glass 5 or 6, the Mi Mix 3's front is protected from most keys and blades. Somewhat surprisingly, the back of the phone has ceramic glass, which is even more resistant to deeper scratches.

The real test is, of course, in the bend test. With two halves sliding on each other, there is definitely some concern that structural integrity might not be at its best. But lo and behold, the Mi Mix 3 actually survives with just a little flex. The OPPO Find X, with its motorized top, didn't fare this well.

So the Xioami Mi Mix 3 turns out to be quite the resilient fellow. And if you take Xiaomi's word for it, you can slide it open and close over 300,000 times and it won't break a sweat or break at all. That, however, might not be the biggest durability concern.

With moving parts also comes the danger of ingress, be it by dust or by water. No surprise that the Mi Mix 3 isn't IP rated. The small gap between the two halves may reduce the friction between the parts but it could also invite small particles inside too easily.