Xiaomi Mi A3 official teardown suggests repairs will be easy

Almost every high-profile phone gets one form of teardown or another. Sometimes it's for the sake of discovering what's inside. Others, like iFixit and JerryRigEverything, try to test how easy or hard it will be to fix the device outside of official service centers. It can, however, also be a chance for some to advertise their product. That may be the case for Xiaomi's latest video that shows the new Mi A3 being torn down, showing off its modular components at the same time.

Xiaomi just recently announced the Mi A3, its unexpected third Android One phone. Unexpected given the company's history with Google and Android. Third time's a charm, though and the phone does bring some high-end features to the usually mid-range line.

That starts with the triple camera system and the 48 megapixel main camera that Xiaomi has no reservations showing off in the teardown. The front has a 32 megapixel "AI" camera too. And like magic, it was able to peel off the in-screen fingerprint scanner with no difficulty at all.

Other components shown off in Xiaomi's video include the mid-range new Snapdragon 665, 4,030 mAh battery, and a large speaker. All of these, including the boards, are shown to be that easy to remove.

Of course, it may not be representative of how easy it will be for third-parties to open up the Xiaomi Mi A3. The company does have official tools and Xiaomi will most likely frown upon third-parties doing unlicensed work on their phones anyway.