Xiaomi 80W Mi Wireless Charging Tech boasts 19-minute downtime

Despite advancements in smartphone hardware and software, the batteries that power our mobile devices have remained practically unchanged for years, even decades. All manufacturers are able to do is cram more of the same volatile chemicals inside the same size of packages, increase battery efficiency, or reduce the downtime imposed by charging. The latter has been the focus of fast, or rather extremely fast, charging technologies of late and Xiaomi is claiming the crown for what it proudly proclaims is the fastest wireless charging technology that could be available to the consumer market soon.

Although it has long existed in the mobile world, especially on Android, it perhaps took Apple's adoption of wireless charging on the iPhone X for the technology to grow by leaps and bounds in just a short span of time. Wireless charging has always been trickier compared even to regular wired charging, making this triumphant claim admittedly impressive.

Not content with bagging a 120W wired charging success, Xiaomi has set out to actually break records in wireless charging. It's no stranger to that, of course, having introduced fast 30W wireless charging last year. In fact, it announced a 40W breakthrough in March this year, only to have the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra ship with 50W wireless charging.

Now it's showing off a modified Mi 10 Pro with nearly double that wireless charging speed at 80W. Whereas the 2019 30-watt wireless charging would take a battery from empty to full in 69 minutes, this new 80W Mi tech filled a 4,000 mAh battery in just 19 minutes.

Xiaomi has naturally left out much of the technical details as well as the technology's commercial availability. There will definitely be some questions regarding its effects on heat generation and, more importantly, battery life but Xiaomi hopefully knows enough not to put exploding phones in people's pockets after 2016's big Samsung scandal.