XFX announces HD 5770 single slot video card

Shane McGlaun - Aug 20, 2010
XFX announces HD 5770 single slot video card

XFX has been selling video cards for a long time and for much of that time it was all NVIDIA. XFX now also sells ATI video cards and the company has unveil a cool new single slot HD 5770 option for gamers needing performance in confined space. The video card is available now in a couple models.

One of the versions that is available has five DisplayPort outputs for multiple monitors. The card has 1GB of GDDR5 RAM and is designed for quiet operation and to stay cool in a small case. The card uses a specially designed heat sink and fan that has 15% more heatpipe surface than the dual slot card with the same GPU.

That extra heatpipe surface area allows the card to run as cool as a dual slot offering. Both cards have 850MHz GPU clocks, 800 stream processors, and 4800MHz memory clocks. XFX has the cards on sale now at various retailers online.

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