Xfinity iOS app gets DVR manager

If you are a user of the Comcast Xfinity app on your iPhone or other iOS device, the app has been updated. The new update will make it easier to manage all the shows recorded or recording on your Comcast DVR. I'm honestly rather surprised this was not a included before considering the ability to manage DVR recordings remotely is a great feature.

I know my DirecTV DVR iOS app has allowed me to set new recordings on the go for shows I forgot to set at home. That is really the only useful portion of the app. The latest update from Comcast gives users the ability to set the schedule recordings, modify their scheduled recordings, or cancel their recordings.

The app also allows you to control the priority of your recordings so you can be sure new shows you really like record even if one of your older shows comes on at the same time. You should be able to get the updated app now on iTunes.

[via Engadget]