Xenics Music Cube Is Like Origami Audio

Imaging having speakers that you can fold, well, here they are. They don't require an external power source, just whatever your audio source is cranking out from it's headphone jack and you are cranking out the tunes.

They come in flat plastic pieces that you then assemble to make the speakers. You can get them in a pyramid shape or in a cube shape and they crank out 1 watt per speaker

They seem to come with some pretty eye-popping designs emblazoned upon the plastic as well which is kind of cool, pretty soon they'll have "print your own speaker" enclosures for sale, no not really, just joking, please for the love of all that is quality audio don't do that. They are available in Korea now for an undisclosed price, all I know, is I want a set, or two, or twelve

Xenics to launch plastic portable speaker 'Music Cube' [via AVING]