Xcom: Enemy Unknown Now Available

We have talked several times over the last month or so about the 2K Games and Firaxis Games title Xcom: Enemy Unknown. The last time we talked about the game was a few days ago when it went up for pre-order on Steam. If you're like me and your Internet connection is too slow to download a full video game in a reasonable amount of time, you be glad to hear that you can walk into retail stores and purchase the game.

Xcom is available for Windows gamers, the Xbox 360, and the PS3. If you didn't pre-order the game, you'll miss out on some of the pre-order bonuses. One of those pre-order bonuses was the Classic Soldier Pack that gave some customization options to gamers. The pre-order bonuses also included some classic X-Com soldier skins inspired by the original game, soldier Deco packs to customize the soldier with custom armor and more, and the ability for complete color customization of armor.

There is a special edition of the game available for Windows gamers for $59.99 at participating retail locations. The special edition of the game has a Windows PC version, and a number of unique items, including an art book, a foldout poster, and insignia patch, soundtrack, and desktop wallpapers.

If you don't live in North America and want to know when you can get your hands on this game, it set to launch internationally on October 12 for the PC, Xbox, and PS3. Gamers who want to check the game out before purchasing can download the playable demo for computers, the Xbox 360, and PS3. The PS3 demo is available internationally today.