XCM Cross Fire Adapter for Xbox 360 shipping now

XCM just revealed their Cross Fire Adapter for the Xbox 360 and let me tell you, this gizmo makes it possible to use your PlayStation 3 controller with your beloved Xbox 360 for compatibility unlike any you've experienced before.

You can get your hands on the Cross Fire Adapter starting today. But it does more than just allow you to connect your PS3 controller to your Xbox 360. Rather, it also allows you to connect the original Xbox controller and the wired Xbox 360 controller to the Xbox 360.

Pretty cool, huh? This makes it so you don't have to deal with complicated modifications of your controllers to get Turbo Fire action. If you want one, though, you had better get on it! Extreme-Mods.com has limited quantities and will be closed for the next two weeks for inventory. You can expect to shell out $84.99 for the adapter.

[via Team XCM]