XCM announces HDMI cable for old Xbox 360 systems

If you have a fancy HDTV and love your Xbox 360, there's a decent chance that you have either purchased, or at least thought about purchasing the Elite. If this next product works as it says, you won't need to upgrade for HDMI output. It won't turn your existing 360 black though.

Cable manufacturer XCM has announced the creation of a cable that will allow older non-Elite Xbox 360s to output video in HDMI. This would eliminate one of the biggest reasons to upgrade to the Elite.

I will say that I am honestly very skeptical of this product. I certainly hope that it does as it claims because it would provide a far more cost-effective solution than shelling out the extra cash to replace your current system.

Hope You Didn't Buy That 360 Elite Just Yet [via crunchgear]