xCloud Xbox game streaming for Windows might support ARM PCs

It's almost ironic that Microsoft's own game streaming platform, previously known as Project xCloud, still doesn't support its own Windows operating system. At the same time, it probably makes sense because if it can run well enough on a phone, it will probably run just as well on a more powerful computer. The time for Windows 10 support for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate's streaming feature might be nigh and, when it does, it might even support the small number of ARM-based Windows 10 PCs from day one.

Microsoft has been relatively silent on its expansion plans for Project xCloud beyond Android phones but it isn't sitting on it either. There is internal testing happening and, thanks to a leaked build of the software, Windows Central was able to test it out for themselves with rather impressive results.

One thing worth noting is that the site's Zac Bowden was using a Surface Pro X, a 2-in-1 detachable that runs on Microsoft's custom ARM chip SQ1 that is, in turn, based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8cx. This implies that, when xCloud does roll out to Windows 10 officially, it could support other Windows 10 on ARM devices from the likes of HP, ASUS, and Lenovo.

Then again, Xbox game streaming isn't that dependent on the hardware in the first place, which is the entire point of the service. It is, however, beholden to a good Internet connection, though the test was done over a standard 200 MB home Internet connection. A capable router is also definitely a must as well.

Windows Central guesses that xCloud streaming would eventually be rolled out as a built-in part of the Xbox app on Windows 10 rather than as a separate thing. That said, given it is an internal testing version, the final release may look very different from its Android-like interface now, not to mention have features that may be added or even taken out.