Xbox Surprise Me button will remind Insiders about games they forgot

Given how easy it is to purchase games these days, provided you have the funds, of course, it's not unusual for a single gamer to accumulate dozens or even hundreds of titles in their collection. Many of them have probably gathered digital dust even before they have been played once. Some may have even been lost to memory, at least not until the Xbox's upcoming feature surprises them with a suggestion to play a game owners might have forgotten they even have.

The Xbox Insiders program has just revealed the existence of a "Surprise Me" button inconspicuously sitting in the upper right corner of the My Games & Apps page. Don't worry, it won't do random things to your console but will, instead, suggest what may be a seemingly random title from your owned games.

Microsoft has not revealed what factors are considered when it suggests what game to play next. It could be based on what games you've played before or even games that may be rarely played. Either way, the mystery will keep you guessing and help in that surprise factor.

Xbox Insiders are also being given an easier way to manage their Home dashboard. Simply press the view on the Xbox One Controller and see the new screen that lets you configure information and themes to your liking. It also offers more information so you won't get lost in all the options.

As implied, these new features are headed for Xbox Insiders only, specifically as part of the Alpha Skip-Ahead rollout. It will be a while before they land on all Xbox One players but that should at least give Microsoft time to fine-tune their recommendation algorithms to prevent unpleasant surprises./