Xbox Series X|S Restocks Today With A Catch

Those of you in the market for an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S will want to check Walmart shortly, as the retailer has confirmed that it will be restocking both consoles today. As always, we can expect a bunch of people to flood Walmart's website looking to buy one of these hard-to-find consoles, but there is a catch this time around that might make it easier to secure one for yourself. Unfortunately, that catch limits the options you have when it comes to actually buying to console.

As Walmart says on its listings for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, today's batch of consoles will only be available through Xbox All Access. That means you're going to have pay for the console through 24 monthly payments, and in addition, you'll need to pay for 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

We've run the numbers in the past and figured out that Xbox All Access is a good deal – you usually save a few bucks over the cost of buying a console and 24-months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate separately – but it's really only worth it if you intended to be subscribed to Ultimate for that full two-year period.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as a reminder, bundles subscriptions to both the console and PC versions of Xbox Game Pass and a subscription to Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Game Pass is a great service that's well worth the subscription, and Xbox Live Gold is required if you're planning to play multiplayer games online.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $15 per month while Xbox Game Pass for console and Xbox Live Gold cost $9.99 per month each, so if you were planning to subscribe to both services, then Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is worth it – the fact that Ultimate includes the PC version of Game Pass too is just icing on the cake in this case.

So, if you don't mind the fact that you have to go through Xbox All Access to get one of these consoles from Walmart today, you'll want to be ready to buy once 3 PM EDT rolls around. That's about 30 minutes from the time of this writing, so good luck to those of you who will be trying to get one.