Xbox Series X|S restocked at Target, but this time there's a twist

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Target has apparently restocked the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and if your efforts to secure one of these consoles have only been an exercise in frustration so far, this might be your best chance yet to get one. Target, as it's done a few times in the past, has opened up online orders for those consoles, but the twist here is that you'll need to order them for in-store pickup.

While this might not be as convenient as home delivery, this does make it a bit easier for regular people to secure a console for themselves. As many next-gen console sales have moved online, consumers have had to contend with bots and scalpers snatching up as much stock as they can as quickly as they can. Bots, however, can't drive to a store and pick up a console, and with Target limiting pickups to one per person, scalpers may be disinclined to go this route as well.

For me, Target is showing the Xbox Series S in stock at the moment, while the Xbox Series X is shown as out of stock. Since these orders are for in-store pickup only, we're guessing that what the website shows is based on geolocation, so some shoppers who are quick might be able to find the Xbox Series X in stock at a store near them.

At the very least, this could be a good chance to snag an Xbox Series S, which for months has been as equally difficult to find as its more powerful counterpart. We've seen things to suggest that the demand for Xbox Series S is easing a little bit, so if you want to start the next generation off with Microsoft's $299.99 offering, it shouldn't be too terribly difficult to secure one moving forward.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 remain as hard to find as ever, and there's been no indication of those stock problems easing. We'll let you know when we catch wind of another restock, but for now, those in the market for an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S should head over to Target's website and see if there's any stock available at nearby stores.