Xbox Series X|S get helpful indicators in November 2020 update

The new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles have just started shipping out eager gamers but that doesn't mean that Microsoft will be taking it easy. In fact, there is even more work to do as it tries to address issues and questions about the supposedly most powerful console's puzzling performance for some optimized games. Needless to say, keeping the consoles updated is a non-stop task, and the latest November 2020 updates for the Xbox platform show how a few new features could go a long way in improving gamers' experiences.

The new Xbox consoles bring a load of new features to the table, features that are only possible with the new hardware. Not all these features are available to all games, however, at least not without developers pushing out an update. It can get a bit confusing which is which and Xbox thankfully added some badges and tags to give players a clue.

Auto HDR is actually one of those features that don't need any additional intervention from a developer, says Xbox. But just so you know the game is using it, an "AUTO HRD" tag will appear on the screen when you switch to the Xbox Game Guide during a game. Games that have actually been optimized for the Xbox Series X|S consoles will now show an "X|S" badge in Games and Full Library Views.

Xbox One owners need not feel jealous of all the attention that the shinier boxes are getting. The November 2020 Xbox update also has them covered, though not exactly in the same way. There are new features common to all consoles, like achievement status in the Game Activity tab as well as the ability to easily add family members during console setup.

Last and definitely not least, the Xbox Game Pass app is also getting an update. You can start adding upcoming games to your "Play Later" list or even pre-install them even before they arrive. Not all upcoming Game Pass titles can be pre-installed, though, but you can queue the rest to be installed when they do finally come.