Xbox Series X vape situation is ridiculous and dangerous

Like any other tool, the Internet can be used for good or for ill. It has empowered smaller voices to be heard, thanks to social platforms and services, for example, but it has also emboldened many to act more recklessly for fleeting prestige. People have been known to do crazy stunts just for the sake of going viral for a few minutes, even if it means putting their lives at risk. One latest viral video may not be as fatal but blowing substances into a computer like an Xbox Series X isn't exactly the safest thing either.

Microsoft's latest console has only been out for a few days and it's already getting more attention than the company probably expected. Of course, it is the most powerful Xbox yet thanks to its powerful components. With great power also comes great heat, of course, and some have taken to the Interwebs to claim that Microsoft didn't do its homework.

Videos of the Xbox Series X spewing smoke from alleged overheating have started circulating over the Internet. Naturally, this has caused some concern from present and future console owners, but an unofficial Xbox Studio Twitter account called out those videos as fakes. Apparently, all it takes is for someone to blow vape smoke into the console to pull off the effect.

Almost ironically, the revelation of how the "trick" worked resulted in even more people trying out this DIY Xbox Vape. The situation may have gone completely out of hand that Xbox finally made an official statement: Do not blow vape smoke into the console.

This seemingly harmless prank isn't exactly harmless as it introduces minute particles that could damage the console and actually make it smoke for real. The Xbox Series X's unique design, particularly its top air vent, is almost too perfect for such pranks so expect a few more viral fakes in the future.