Xbox Series X Fridge meme has become a real thing

Both the Xbox Series X and the Sony PlayStation 5 are sporting new, larger, and more vertical designs and both have received their fair share of jokes and criticisms. Rather than sweep those under the rug, however, Xbox seems to have embraced its new console's association with a refrigerator in more ways than one. Beyond just accepting the meme and going along with it, it seems that Microsoft has actually decided to turn it into a real thing. Not exactly shocking coming from a company that makes console-themed onesies.

When the Xbox Series X's design was revealed in March, the Internet was quick to latch onto it and create a meme. It may have actually been a spur of marketing genius that Xbox rode that wave, comparing the Series X console's size with a gigantic black fridge. More than half a year later, Xbox has taken that meme to the extreme.

Famed YouTube iJustine received a gigantic package that, after a laborious unboxing, revealed a larger than life Xbox Series X box that was an exact replica of the console's retail packing. But instead of just holding a giant replica of the console inside, Xbox actually sent iJustine a perfectly functional refrigerator designed to look like an Xbox Series X.

The similarities, however, don't end there and the attention to detail in replicating the console on a larger scale is definitely impressive. From the lighting to the sound effects, this is definitely a recreation that Xbox fans would love to have in their homes, presuming it can even fit.

Unfortunately, only one such fan will be able to take home one. The YouTuber reveals that only three such Xbox Series X refrigerators were made, one of which is now with rapper Snoop Dog. The other will be reserved for a raffle that Xbox fans will be dying to join.