Xbox Series X controller disconnection fix promised to come soon

Getting your hands on the new-gen consoles has almost been like an epic quest for some players. The last thing they need is to find out that an important part of that new console experience turns out to be broken, even if just for them and a few others. Unfortunately, that is exactly what a good number of owners of the Xbox Series X have been complaining about after they discover their wireless controllers suddenly disconnecting without reason. Microsoft has now committed to fixing it but you'll have to wait for that day to come.

The exact cause and spread of this controller issue haven't yet been pinned down and, of course, we can't expect anything official from Microsoft about it. Majority of the complaints simply revolve around repeated and sudden disconnection in the middle of playing a game, though some seem to experience it more on certain titles than others. Others have also complained about controllers not responding to input even while connected or completely not syncing with the Xbox console at all.

What is clear is that the problem has affected hundreds, with about 1,700 adding their names to the list on Microsoft's user forums. It's still a small fraction if you compare it to the number of Xbox Series X consoles sold. It's still are a large number, enough to get Microsoft's attention.

The good news is that Microsoft is on the case, according to its statement to The Verge. It says it is working on a solution that will be pushed out in a future update. The not so good news, it isn't exactly sharing when affected players can expect it to arrive.

Hopefully, this is one of those odd issues that are actually fixable with a software update only. Considering only a small number of users seem to be affected, it might not be a hardware problem or, worse, a manufacturing defect. Depending on how long it takes, though, some Xbox players might find themselves looking for a spare controller to use until the promised fixed arrives.