Xbox Series X and PS5 restock at Walmart today: What to know

If you're looking for an Xbox Series X or a PlayStation 5, you'll get your chance to buy one later this afternoon. Walmart has announced that it will have a restock of both consoles later on today, so get ready to act quickly when the time comes. Few retailers seem to be announcing restocks ahead of time these days, so you should expect some stiff competition for both platforms.

Walmart has confirmed that it will have the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in stock this afternoon at 12 PM PST/3 PM EST. As always, stock will be limited, and if you're going to try to get one, you should probably prepare for disappointment now because Walmart's restocks have always been something of a mess – in fact, at the time of this writing, Walmart's website already seems to be struggling a little bit.

Regardless of how difficult it might be to secure a console from Walmart, those who want one should try anyway because there's no guarantee when the next restock will happen. It seems that Walmart will have all consoles in stock – that means not only the standard PS5 and Xbox Series X, but also the more affordable Xbox Series S and PS5 Digital Edition.

These next-gen consoles have been sold out constantly since they both launched in November, with only periodic restocks at a collection of retailers. Stock for both sells out seemingly as soon as it's placed, which is no doubt frustrating for those who are trying to get their hands on a console. Things may not get better for some time to come, either, as Sony indicated yesterday that it's currently facing a semiconductor shortage.

In any case, good luck to those of you who are attempting to buy a console today, because we're guessing that Walmart's website will struggle amidst a flood of traffic. We'll let you know when further restocks are announced, so stay tuned for more.