Xbox Series X and Project xCloud details coming next week

The 2020 installment of the Game Developers Conference was slated to kick off this weekend, but at the tail end of the last month, the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak forced the organizers to postpone the show. This decision came after a number of big names dropped out, with one of the biggest being Microsoft's Game Stack team. At the time it announced that it would be sitting GDC 2020 out, Microsoft said that it would host a series of live streams covering its GDC talks and announcements, and today it released a schedule for those streams.

Over on the Game Stack website, Microsoft has outlined two days of live streams containing all of the events and talks that were originally planned for GDC. The two-day event kicks off on Tuesday, March 17th at 10 AM PDT, which is when Microsoft will host something of a pre-show called "Welcome to Game Stack Live."

After that wraps up, we'll see a solid four hours of shows and panels that deal with such topics as accessibility, inclusivity, and LiveOps. Most people who are simply Xbox fans will probably want to tune in on March 18th for day two, which is when Microsoft will be sharing new details about Xbox Series X and Project xCloud.

Given the nature of the Game Developers Conference, we weren't expecting Microsoft to make a ton of big announcements about Xbox Series X or Project xCloud, but that portion of the livestream will still be worth tuning into. That part of the show will start at 11:40 AM PDT on March 18th and will run for an hour before the stream shifts gears and goes into a presentation about Double Fine.

So, if you're interested in learning more about the Xbox Series X, you might get your chance next week. Of course, SlashGear will be watching that livestream as it happens and we'll let you know if Microsoft announces anything new, so stay tuned for that.