Xbox "Project Scorpio" has 4K all over it, internal PSU

Goodbye power bricks! At least as far as the Xbox consoles are concerned. Or at least that is probably the trend that Microsoft is trying to set. The Xbox One S, though slimmer than its predecessor, managed to still squeeze in its power supply inside, doing away with the external, bulky PSUs of old. And, according to sources, that will be true with the still to be formally named "Project Scorpio" console as well. And hopefully for its future consoles, too.

Bulky and hefty external PSUs are often seen as inconveniences that really serve no purpose in consoles these days. They tangle, they trip, they potentially get lost. Moving the PSU inside the console itself in the Xbox One S has been received positively, so it's really a no-brainer that Microsoft would want to continue that trend with the Scorpio.

Of course, that's not the only positive news about the Project Scorpio console. If the Xbox One S' 4K support felt a bit "slapped on", then the Scorpio won't disappoint. It is seemingly being designed for 4K, whether for gaming, streaming, media consumption, or even content creation. In addition to HEVC and VP9 support for 4K streaming, it will also use that same HEVC codec for game recording and streaming at 2160p 60 fps. By comparison, the current Xbox One can only do 720p 30 fps DVR.

That the Scorpio will be positioned as a 4K beast is no surprise, considering the PS4 Pro is also themed as such, but still with caveats. But no matter how 4K-capable the console is, 4K games, not to mention compatible 4K TVs (which can be a hit or miss), are still the bottlenecks.

VIA: Windows Central