Xbox One won’t hit Nordic countries until late Q3 2014

Will Conley - Dec 10, 2013
Xbox One won’t hit Nordic countries until late Q3 2014

Microsoft’s Xbox One has already hit most of its target regions, but some regions haven’t yet seen the next-gen gaming console. Notably, eight nations are still waiting: Switzerland, Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Now we’re hearing that at least four of those likely won’t see the Xbox One officially until August or September 2014.

Gamereactor has posted that their anonymous (and vetted) sources say Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark won’t be getting any Xbox One shipments until the third quarter of 2014. The site says a July or early August release aren’t likely. Therefore the Nordic countries will have to wait until late August or sometime in September.

That’s a full nine or ten months after the debut of the system worldwide. Gaming fans in the Nordic markets will certainly import the console unofficially in the meantime. However, the general public there will have to sit on their controllers until then.

No word on when Switzerland, Russia, the Netherlands and Belgium will get the Xbox One. Meanwhile, Microsoft has begun pushing its first software updates to the month-old console for those who already have access to it. The updates include a variety of performance fixes.

SOURCE: Gamereactor

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