Xbox One Wireless Adapter now works with Windows 7/8.1

It took a while to get to market, but when Microsoft finally did release the wireless adapter for the Xbox One controller, PC gamers were happy, and then immediately sad. They were happy to finally see the adapter, so that they could use it to play some of their favorite games, however, there was one small stipulation. The adapter only worked on Windows 10.

Today, without much fanfare, Major Nelson announced that the adapter would finally work with the older versions of Windows that we know and love. Both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are now officially supported by the device. No word on why it took so long to roll it out for the older OS's.

The adapter was first announced back at the GDC in March, and supports up to 8 different Xbox One controllers. It will also connect up to 4 chat headsets, or 2 stero headsets.

The Xbox One Wireless adapter currently retails for around $30.