Xbox One tipped to get Xbox 360 emulator by Microsoft

Xbox 360 gamers that upgraded to a new Xbox One have been wondering if the Xbox One will ever get an Xbox 360 emulator. The ability to run older Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One console would certainly make it more attractive and give it a leg up on the PS4. At the Microsoft Build developer conference, Microsoft's partner development lead Frank Savage talked a bit about a Xbox 360 emulator during a question and answer segment with the audience.

Savage was asked by someone in the audience if there were any plans for an Xbox 360 emulator on the Xbox One. Savage answered that plans were in the works for an emulator. However, Savage noted, "we're not done thinking it through." Savage added that it was hard to emulate PowerPC content on the x86 hardware. The Xbox 360 was a PowerPC based console, while the Xbox One is x86.

He went on to say that there was nothing to announce, but that he would love to see an emulator. This comment leaves more questions that answers in my mind. It's not clear how far out the emulator might be or if it's still in the conceptual stage rather than being worked on.

It's also unclear if the emulator would be something that allows Xbox One owners to drop in the Xbox 360 disc and play or if it would be a digital download emulator of the type common on most game consoles. Most consoles out there sell digital versions of old games that can be played, odds are this is the sort of emulator the Xbox One would get.

SOURCE: Kotaku