Xbox One reputation notifications show what others think of you

Xbox One gamers have known for months that the reputation system from the Xbox 360 would be redesigned for the next-gen console gamers. Today on Xbox Wire, Xbox Live's Program Manager Micheal Dunn gave a preview of what the notifications will look like, making it easy to see what others think of you.

The notifications are simple colored half spheres, with the color skewing towards red the more a gamer is rated as unfavorable. The reputation rating is fairly straight-forward — the more green you are, the more favorable you're viewed by other gamers among you.

Green signifies players with good reputation, which Xbox says will encompass most gamers. Those who have a green rating will be rewarded in the future for such, though Microsoft hasn't yet detailed what those rewards will look like. From there, gamers who receive negative ratings will decline.

Yellow is the solid mid point in the reputation scale, and serves as a warning that the gamer needs to work on his or her behavior. Those who ignore the warning will eventually dip into the red, which tells other gamers to avoid the individual, who will be hit with penalties, such as having Twitch broadcasting disabled and will not be able to pair up with all gamers.

Concerns about abuse of the system are valid, and Xbox says it has designed the algorithm so that receiving some bad reports over a handful of weeks won't penalize the player, and that false reports are adjusted for.

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SOURCE: Xbox News