Xbox One pre-order shows up early from Target

Someone at Target pulled the trigger a little too early, and through a mishap or insert-conspiracy-theory-here, two Xbox One systems have shipped out more than two weeks before the console's scheduled launch date. One had a brief stint on Ebay, where the owner tried to hock it for a few grand, while the other has been unboxed in all its glory with a note that the day-one patch is already available.

Thus far, that makes a total of two pre-orders that shipped out early, both of them from Target, with the confirmation shipping form from the store being included in the gaggle of images posted. One of the two recipients created an unboxing video, and though we don't see it up and running, the device is visible and there's a promise of future videos.

The other console was posted on Ebay, where the owner provided several shots of the packaging and a starting price of a grand (the buy now price was $10,000). The listing was pulled before anyone bought the device, however, for reasons unknown. The individual did provide some details on how he went about getting the console, however:

"Last week, I was able to get onto the pre-order website for a very brief moment and pre-orders were available for the Xbox One. I place my order and received email confirmation right away, however the Xbox One didn't up in my order history and suddenly disappeared totally from Targets[sic] website. I found it weird that the pre-order was taken down only 1-2 minutes later. Anyways, I then immediately received an email with a UPS tracking number stating the console is being packaged for shipment. Apparently, there was a major glitch and screw-up from their end and this one console slipped through the cracks."

Many speculated about the worth of having the system early given the need for a day-one update to make it usable, and fortunately for the console owner, it turns out such an update is available now. Upon turning on the Xbox One and hooking it up, he proceeded to successfully download the 500MB update, and now has a fully functional next-generation console — two weeks ahead of schedule.

SOURCE: Engadget