Xbox One owners tricked into bricking consoles in online prank

Anyone that has been on the internet for long knows that you can't believe everything that you read. A person or persons on the website 4chan have posted a tutorial that supposedly unlocks new features for the Xbox One game console. Rather than unlocking features, the steps in the tutorial bricked the consoles leaving them inoperable.

Reports indicate that the tutorial that broke the consoles has only six steps and involved opening the Developer Console. Once the changes are made to the console, the Xbox one is reportedly left completely inoperable.

The prank from the web trolls grabbed enough attention that Xbox team member Larry Hryb, also known as Major Nelson, took to twitter to warn users against following the steps. Hyrb noted that there is no way to make the Xbox One backwards compatible and that changing settings could leave the console unusable.

Apparently, backwards compatibility was one of the things that the tutorial on 4chan promised. At this point there is no way known to fix consoles that have had the settings changed. It's also unclear if Microsoft will replace affected machines under warranty. Since the consoles aren't damaged because of a manufacturing defect, I suspect the owners will be on their own.

SOURCE: Telegraph