Xbox One now supports 1080p, 60fps streaming to Windows 10

Microsoft has just announced the details of this month's update for Xbox One consoles. For August, most of the new features are tied to the recent addition of the Xbox Live network to Windows 10, as well as the popular new ability to stream gameplay from the Xbox One console to a PC running Windows 10. The biggest addition for the update is support for streaming games in 1080p and 60fps, allowing the best games to stay sharp and smooth on a PC monitor.

Once the August update, rolling out now, has been installed on the Xbox One, and the Xbox app on Windows 10 has been updated, the new 1080p/60fps option for streaming can be used. From the Xbox app, simply navigate to Settings, and in Game Streaming set video encoding to the Very High level. It should be noted that this setting will still require home networks to have a decent amount of bandwidth.

Other additions to Windows 10's Xbox app include the ability to right-click on another player from a user's friends list and easily choose to send a message or invite them to a party. There's also an option to turn on or off notification for party invites, as well as a new grid view for My Games, with an alphabetical list of titles.

Two other new features related to the friends list are an updated Recently Played screen, which now shows how many of a user's friend have played a title, including the four most recent. Clicking on a specific game will navigate to its Hub page, displaying all friends who have played it at some point, along with their online status. Also from the Game Hub page, users can compare achievements with friends.

SOURCE Xbox Wire