Xbox One keyboard, mouse support is really coming

This is one of those things that you're almost 200% sure is going to happen but is only a question of "when". Microsoft itself has more or less confirmed that there is a huge amount of interest if not demand for keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One consoles but it hasn't exactly put that down in quotable writing. That was until the company's Polish office accidentally revealed Microsoft's plans to create a new "Xbox Master Race".

What's with the whole discussion about keyboards and mice on consoles anyway? Aren't lines partly drawn between how gamers prefer, or not, one control method over another? That does seem to be still true, with some on the console side begging Microsoft to look the other way. Conversely, Windows PCs have had support for game controllers for years. Even Xbox ones.

The new feature is partly due to the changing nature of games as well as the consoles themselves. Games are becoming more cross-platform and some lend themselves more easily to keyboard and mouse rather than joystick and buttons. There's also the fact that Microsoft is turning the Xbox into more than just a gaming machine, with apps that will definitely require you to type letters and numbers.

To accommodate all those use cases, you'll need to embrace other input methods as well. And rather than just make and maintain its own costly technology and accessories, Microsoft will be able to bank on the existing ecosystem of keyboards and mice in the market.

As always, the question is when? If Microsoft Poland's now unpublished leak is any clue, it could happen in early 2018. It will be sooner rather than later, but might not yet be enough reason to rush off to buy new accessories. After all, you might have some unused keyboard and mouse lying around the house somewhere.

VIA: Windows Latest