Xbox One hardware "revolutionary" with 8GB of RAM, 500GB HDD

Unlike Sony, who didn't reveal any details about the PS4 itself, Microsoft showed off the console box right away, and they even told us what's under the hood. Microsoft says that the Xbox One's hardware is "revolutionary" and it's also "connected and ready." The console has 8GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive.

We're not told anything about the processor, but I'm sure we'll hear about it in the future at some point. Other than the RAM and hard drive space, we're told the One has HDMI input and output, which will allow you to plug in other HDMI devices into your Xbox One, which we've never seen before in a gaming console.

The Xbox One is also running three different operating systems. One is the raw Xbox OS that's for developers, the second OS is a kernel of Windows, and the third OS isn't necessarily an OS, but rather a piece of software that allows the two operating systems to communicate with each other.

Microsoft also showed off and talked about the controller, which is based on the Xbox 360 console, but it looks a bit sharper this time around, and the battery compartment is more flush with the controller. There's also vibration built into the triggers, and a new D-pad has been introduced, which will hopefully subside all the haters.