Xbox One breaks Australian sales records

Shane McGlaun - Dec 9, 2013, 8:08am CST
Xbox One breaks Australian sales records

The Xbox One game console launched in several countries at the same time. One of the launch countries was Australia, and the console has set sales records down under. According to market research firm NPD, Microsoft moved over 65000 Xbox One consoles in Australia in the first three days.

The exact number of consoles sold according to NPD in Australia during the first 72 hours is 65918. That number is more than twice the number sold by the previous record holder in the same time frame. That previous record holder was the Nintendo Wii, which set the record back in 2006.

The Xbox One landed in Australia on November 22. Microsoft had previously announced that it had sold over a million Xbox One consoles in less than 24 hours in all 13 of the launch countries combined. There have been no official numbers from Sony about the number of PS4 consoles it sold.

However, sources indicate that sales of the PS4 in Australia weren’t as significant as sales of the Xbox One. Both Sony and Microsoft have been unable to meet the demand for the next generation console. Sony says that it will fulfill pre-orders for the PS4 before Christmas, but it expects the shortage to be ongoing.


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