Xbox LIVE Refer a Friend Program Launches

If you know a few people who haven't jumped onto the Xbox LIVE Gold Membership bandwagon yet, and you feel like with a gentle nudge from you they just might, here's your time to act. Not only because you'll get even more friends to play your favorite online games together with, but also because Microsoft has just launched the Xbox LIVE Refer a Friend program, which means you'll get a cool prize for getting one of your friends to sign up for Gold.

Microsoft's new Refer a Friend program is meant to draw in more users to the Gold Membership plan, by rewarding those with a current gold membership for bringing more folks into the fold. The idea is that if you refer someone, and they successfully sign up for a Gold Membership, you'll be provided with a "token." Once you receive that token, you'll be able to cash it in for a prize.

One reward provides you and your friend with 400 Microsoft Points, or 600 Microsoft Points depending on the amount of time the new Gold member signs up for. If you get someone to sign up, you can choose to have Microsoft pick an Xbox LIVE Arcade game for you and your friend to download. And finally, if you get a friend of yours to just try Xbox LIVE Gold with a promotional token, you'll receive 200 Microsoft Points.

The promotion is set to end on July 1st, 2011, and people will be able to refer five friends every day until that date. As for the prizes themselves, referrers to the program will be eligible to win each of the four prizes only once until July 1st. The tokens will expire by December 31st, 2011, while the Microsoft Points received from the referral will expire by June 30th, 2012.

[via Xbox LIVE Refer a Friend]