Xbox Live is having a sale on games

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 31, 2007

I like playing games, in fact I spend a lot of my spare time doing just that. The problem with games is that they cost money. However, if you’ve got an itch for a new game or two, Microsoft might just be able to satisfy you need a little cheaper this weekend.

Microsoft will be running a sale on four of their Xbox Live titles. Small Arms, Zuma Deluxe, Gauntlet and Dig Dug can all be had for only 400 points each, which is half off the regular price.

The sale will start at midnight on Sunday and go until 11:59 GMT on Monday. I’m not sure if this is some kind of Labor Day sale or what, but it’s always good to see cheap games.

Xbox Live games on sale [via boygenius]

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