Xbox Kinect PlayFit launches today in the US

Many may have thought that the Wii Fit was a silly idea, but that didn't stop it making ridiculous amounts of money for Nintendo. Why not apply the same principle to the Kinect? Kinect PlayFit has been officially revealed today, and will be made available as a free download for any Xbox Live members in the US. PlayFit will be making its way outside the US too, although international gamers will have to wait until next week.

Kinect PlayFit essentially acts as a fitness dashboard. The app will keep track of any calories you burn while playing games like Kinect Star Wars and Dance Central 2. Over time you'll be able to check out your stats, as well as leaderboards and ranks from across the world using Xbox Live. Microsoft is saying it's the first fitness app of its kind due to its ability to track stats over multiple games.

So, what are you waiting for? KInect PlayFit launches today in the US, and next week in international territories. Get downloading, and make sure to burn those calories to the theme of I'm Han Solo.

[via Major Nelson]