Xbox gamers hits 1 million GamerScore

Some people who play the Xbox a lot enjoy plugging away and earning points to bring their GamerScore up to a high level. A gamer recently hit a milestone with a GamerScore of 1 million points. That magic one million number was hit this week.

The gamer goes by the name Stallion83 and he hit 1 million points when he earned the Achievement on Titanfall called "I like a Challenge." The gamer was apparently broadcasting on Twitch when the achievement came and he hit a million points.

He noted on the video feed that he wasn't planning on shooting for 2 million points. He says that he isn't giving up on earning points though. However, the odds of him pursuing the points for the next million like he did for the first is slim.

It took the gamer, whose real name is Ray Cox IV, eight years to earn the million points. Cox holds the world record for the highest legitimate GamerScore. How many GamerScore points do you have, and how long did it take you to rack them up?

SOURCE: GameSpot