Xbox Game Pass closes out September with a flood of day-one releases

We find ourselves right in the middle of the month, which means that a new batch of Xbox Game Pass games has been announced. There's a grand total of 13 games hitting the service in the final weeks of September, so Microsoft has lined up a packed couple of weeks. 8 of these new games are coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one as well, so Xbox Game Pass definitely seems to be closing out September with a bang.

The new additions start arriving tomorrow with Flynn: Son of Crimson on cloud, console, and PC. This is one of those day-one launches for Xbox Game Pass, and it's arriving via the ID@Xbox program. In fact, most of the day-one releases are independent games, though there are some exceptions to that.

While Flynn: Son of Crimson is the only addition for September 15th, we're getting three more games the following day: I Am Fish (cloud, console, and PC), SkateBird (cloud, console, and PC), and Superliminal (cloud, console, and PC). On September 17th, Aragami 2 will join Xbox Game Pass on cloud, console, and PC, then things go quiet for about a week.

September 23rd is the biggest day for Xbox Game Pass in the next couple of weeks, as it'll see the arrival of four new games. Lost Words: Beyond the Page (cloud, console, and PC), Sable (cloud, console, and PC), Subnautica: Below Zero (cloud, console, and PC), and Tainted Grail: Conquest (PC) are all joining Xbox Game Pass on that day. They'll be followed by Lemnis Gate (console and PC) on September 28th; Astria Ascending (cloud, console, and PC) and Unsighted (console and PC) on September 30th; and finally, Phoenix Point (console) on October 1st.

So, it's a big month, but there are also some departures to take note of. Drake Hollow (cloud, console, and PC), Ikenfell (cloud, console, and PC), Night in the Woods (cloud, console, and PC), Kathy Rain (PC), and Warhammer Vermintide II (cloud and console) will all be leaving on September 31st, so be sure to finish any of those up before October comes a-knockin'.