Xbox Console Streaming preview expands to all Xbox One markets

The Xbox Console Streaming preview is now available in all countries where the Xbox One is available, Microsoft has announced. With this feature, Xbox One owners can play the games they already own using their Android mobile device, opening the door for a new type of mobile gameplay. The preview is available to Xbox Insiders at this time.

Put simply, Xbox Console Streaming is a new feature that enables Xbox One owners to stream their games from their home console to either an Android tablet or an Android smartphone. The Xbox Insiders program gives applicable people access to the feature before it is rolled out as a standard feature for everyone, enabling them to test it out and provide feedback.

Following a more limited availability, Microsoft says the Xbox Console Streaming preview is expanding to all countries where the Xbox One is available. This represents a huge expansion of the feature, paving the way for an eventual broad release to all Xbox One owners.

The preview originally launched only for Insiders located in the United States and the United Kingdom. Microsoft says that it is 'pleased and encouraged' by the feedback it has received from these testers. Assuming you're an Xbox Insider, you'll need to enroll your Xbox One console in the Update Preview ring to get the latest feature.

The streaming feature is currently only compatible with Android phones and tablets running Android 6.0 or higher with Bluetooth 4.0 or greater. You'll also need a Microsoft account linked to your Xbox profile, a wireless Xbox One controller, high-speed Internet, and the Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) app currently available on the Google Play Store.