Xbox 360 To Get More TV Functionality, Confirmation Coming Today

Last week Rue talked a bit about the additional TV services that are expected to come to the Xbox 360 soon. When we last talked about much of the story was conjecture, but the official confirmation of new TV services is coming from Microsoft today reports AllThingsD. AllThingsD was told by a source that is familiar with Microsoft's plans that the confirmation was coming today.

The announcement is that the Xbox 360 will become much more like a cable box. The Xbox won't turn into a cable box as you get from your local company or satellite. It will be more of an extension of TV anywhere that many networks like HBO and Cinemax already allow subscribers to do with apps on smartphones and tablets.

The Xbox will require that the users subscribe to cable for now rather than offering direct subscriptions to content that the user wants to buy. This is why Ballmer has promoted the 360 as an entertainment device that allows users to switch between games, DVDs, and TV rather than a way to ditch your cable company according to AllThingsD. The full details on Microsoft's plans should surface today so stay tuned.