Xbox 360 fans in the UK have new downloadable titles coming

Back during CES, Microsoft outlined new game titles that were coming as downloads to the Xbox 360 Live Arcade. Some of those games sounded really cool. Gamers in the UK now have a schedule that they can look forward to for downloading the games. The games will start hitting the Xbox 360 on February 15. More details on the games can be found here.

Each week a new game will land from that start date until March 7. Microsoft is now offering the pricing details on the download content and gamers that buy all the House Party on Xbox Live titles offered during that time frame will get a special bonus of 800 Microsoft points. That is like getting one of the titles free.

The coolest of the games to me is the second title called Alan Wake's American Nightmare. It will sell for 1200 Microsoft points and will hit on February 22. The first game will be WARP on February 15 for 800 Points. It's a puzzle game where you play an alien that needs to escape from a facility. The Game Nexuiz will hit on February 29 and will sell for 800 Points. This game is an arena-based FPS title. The final title is I am Alive launching on March 7. It will sell for 1200 Points and has the player looking for his wife and daughter after a global event wiped out most people.