Xbox 360 Devil May Cry 4 bundle hitting Japan next month

So the Xbox finally got its hands dirty with the DMC franchise and now in an effort to entice Japanese gamers to pick up the console they are offering a similar bundle as Sony will be offering with the PS3. Essentially it's a normal 360 with an HDMI port and a copy of the game in the box.

No word on whether we'll be getting the same bundle over here as a lot of US gamers have already adopted the system, but there's the picture of it in its Japanese form. In case you were wondering the system that will actually come with the bundle is the premium system with the 20GB HDD, wireless controller, and the media remote as well as the other standard equipment and an HDMI port, for which the cable is sold separately.

The bundle will cost about $330 which is less than an HDMI-equipped system sans game goes for here which is likely another move to help sales of the systems and subsequently games and accessories in Japan. The hard part about selling game systems in Japan is that generally, if the company making them isn't from Japan, they won't succeed, and they generally stick to Sony and Nintendo.

Devil May Cry 4 Xbox 360 bundle hits Japan in January [via joystiq]