XBox 360 Deals Of The Week

This week is a big one for Xbox360 owners to save some cash. There are tons of deals out there this week on games at Target, Circuit City, and Best Buy and perhaps the biggest deal of the week Target is offering 1600 Microsoft points for just $15. Here are some of this weeks biggest deals:

Target stores are offering:

  • 1600 Microsoft points this week for the just $15.
  • CoD4 for $50
  • Battlefield: Bad Company for $50
  • Army of Two for $50
  • $40 Gift card with the purchase of an Xbox 360 console and Madden 09

Best Buy is offering:

  • A free wireless controller with an Xbox 360 and Madden 09
  • Turok for $30

Circuit City is offering:

  • CoD4 for $40
  • Gears of War for $30
  • Juiced for $15
  • A free mini football (what?) with Madden 09 in store, or a $5 gift card of you purchase it online
  • $30 Gift Card with the purchase of an Xbox 360 console

Know about a deal? Post it in the comments below.

[via Xbox360Fanboy]