Wyze Switch and Bulb White offer smart home lighting on a budget

Joining its newly unveiled Solar Panel and Lamp Socket, Wyze has also taken the wraps off two new products: the Wyze Switch and Wyze Bulb White. The two new products expand the company's growing home automation product line, offering consumers inexpensive options for transforming their home's existing lighting system into a smart home feature.

The Wyze Switch is an inexpensive connected light switch product that can be used to add smart lighting functionality to your home. The product enables consumers to control Wyze Bulbs and regular light bulbs, as well as other smart home products via an IFTTT integration. The Wyze Light Switch is particularly useful for consumers who already own smart light bulbs.

With regular light switches, turning the switch off cuts power to the light fixtures. The loss of power disconnects any smart lights that are connected to the fixtures, eliminating the ability to control them using voice commands or a mobile app. This, in turn, will interfere with any automations that are in place, such as a schedule to automatically turn on certain lights when the sun begins to set.

The Wyze Light Switch is designed to turn on and off smart lights without cutting power to the fixture, which means that automations and mobile control remain available. The light switch supports four custom actions, including a single press, double press, triple press, and press-and-hold. Supported functions include timers, schedules, Vacation Mode, and Power Loss Recovery.

The Wyze Bulb White, meanwhile, is a new product that joins the existing Wyze Bulb, offering 90+ CRI for color accuracy, dimming support, and a Sun Match mode that automatically adjusts the bulb's color temperature to match the current time of day. The Bulb White product features 800 lumens and a color temperature range of 2700K to 6500K; it likewise offers grouping, Vacation Mode, voice control, and sleep routines.

The Wyze Swith and Wyze Bulb White are both now available for preorder from Wyze for $32.99 USD (3-pack) and $31.99 (4-pack), respectively. Wyze also plans to add a standalone light switch purchasing option in addition to the multi-pack in the future.