Wyze Solar Panel and Lamp Socket kick off the company's birthday week

Smart home company Wyze has announced two new products to kick off its birthday week celebration: the Wyze Solar Panel and Wyze Lamp Socket. These two new products are designed for use with the company's Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Cam Outdoor security cameras. The solar panel features a micro USB cable for powering the Wyze outdoor camera, while the Lamp Socket is exactly what it sounds like: a smart socket for existing light fixtures.

The Solar Panel and Lamp Socket offer ways to keep the Wyze Cam v3 and Cam Outdoor cameras charged in locations where an outlet isn't available. The Wyze Solar Panel can be mounted just about anywhere with access to direct sunlight, then plugged into the Wyze Cam Outdoor with a micro USB cable. The lamp socket, meanwhile, can be installed in an existing outdoor lamp fixture to power the Wyze Cam v3.

The Lamp Socket features a USB port for powering the Wyze Cam while also providing connectivity for automated routines and manually controlling the lights. Buyers get an extra perk with the Lamp Socket: it offers automated and manual control over the light bulb connected to it so that, for example, the lights can be set to automatically turn on when the nearby camera detects motion.

The Wyze Solar Panel, meanwhile, features an adjustable mount that can be screwed into a wall, tree, fence post, or anywhere else you need it. The panel has a solar rating of 2.5w/5v DC power and comes with a 14ft micro USB cable. The solar panel likewise has an IP65 rating and comes in the color white. The company says it only recommends this panel's use with the Wyze Cam Outdoor security camera model.

As with previous products launched by the company, Wyze's new Solar Panel and Lamp Socket products are now available to preorder. The Solar Panel is priced at $19.99 USD, while the Lamp Socket is one of the company's more expensive products at $45.99 USD for a starter bundle. Stay tuned for more news from Wyze during its ongoing 'Wyze Week' birthday event.