Wyze Handheld Vacuum arrives for cars and small messes

If you've been putting off getting a handheld vacuum for those times when pulling out the full-size vacuum is overkill, Wyze has a new offering that you may find exciting. Simply called the Wyze Handheld Vacuum, this new product has launched with a limited quantity available (initially, at least), and as is the company's nature, the price is fairly low compared to similar products.

The Wyze Handheld Vacuum is exactly what it sounds like — a small vacuum cleaner for those tiny messes, such as a bit of spilled pet kibble or some debris on the floor of one's car. The company is currently offering 10,000 units of its new product, around half of which have been sold already.

This handheld vacuum has a 10,000 RPM brushless digital motor and offers 16,800 Pascals of suction power. The HEPA filter is washable, meaning you won't have to frequently purchase replacements. The HEPA filter is joined by a stainless steel pre-filter for catching larger particles like pet hair.

The vacuum is likewise equipped with a trio of rechargeable 2,000mAh batteries for a total 6,000mAh of power, enabling the vacuum to operate for up to half an hour in Persistent Mode. The device is recharged using a standard USB-C charger, such as the one used to charge your phone or tablet.

Overall, the vacuum is a bit larger than an ordinary wine bottle. Wyze notes that its handheld vacuum comes with attachments (assuming you get one of the preorder units), including a brush tool, extension hose, flat nozzle, and crevice tool. The product can be preordered now for $59.99 USD.