Wyze Cam Spotlight security camera boosts night vision with built-in lamp

Smart home and Internet of Things company Wyze has introduced a new security camera product designed for users who want maximum video visibility at night. The product, which is called the Wyze Cam Spotlight, is the company's cube-shaped security camera with one big upgrade: it has a built-in spotlight for thoroughly illuminating subjects and scenes.

The Wyze Cam Spotlight is comprised of the Wyze Cam v3 and the Spotlight combined. The camera has built-in color night vision capabilities, as well as an IP65 weather resistance for use in outdoor conditions. The companion spotlight is a horizontal bar with LEDs that can be used at any time.

According to Wyze, the Spotlight can be set up with Wyze Rules so that it is triggered in whatever situation the user prefers. For example, the Spotlight can simply be activated by motion; alternatively, the user can create a custom schedule so that the light is, for example, automatically turned on shortly before you get home from work.

Comparison video stills between the Wyze Cam without the Spotlight and with the Spotlight show a clear increase in image quality and clarity. As with the Wyze Cam alone, customers can mount the camera outdoors with various mounting options, including the simple magnetic ring for temporary uses or a screw-based mounting base for more permanent installations.

The security camera likewise includes a built-in alarm for users who want an audible warning. The Wyze Cam Spotlight is available from Wyze now for $49.96 USD; a version of the product bundled with a month of Cam Plus is currently the same rate, but its regular price is $51.95.